Need Blessings? Make a Thanksgiving Box!

As I shared in the sermon on Sunday, this is a time of year when we tend to focus on our material blessings.  This is a good thing, and make no mistake that these are blessings. Here’s the problem:  Sometimes we get so busy thinking about what we have, we forget that our greatest blessing is the ability to share what we have with others! 

This week, Augusta Heights is challenging you to do a small thing that can have a big impact. We are attempting to put together Thanksgiving meal boxes for 35 families in the community. We are working with local schools and the Samaritan House ministry to distribute these to those in need. By helping a few families with their basic, physical needs, we are reminded that Jesus always calls on us to seek to bless others above ourselves (Matthew 25:31-46).

All we need is for you to put together a meal with the following items:

– Green beans (large cans)

– Sweet potatoes (large cans or fresh)

-Bag of rice (white or brown)

-Bag/box of stuffing mix




-At least one 2-liter drink

You can box these up together and bring them, or simply drop them in the food baskets around the church at Augusta Heights. Please feel free to call the church if you have questions. If you can bring these items by this Sunday, Nov. 24, we will work on putting them together. The church is providing turkeys for each box, and we will distribute these on Tuesday, Nov. 26.

This is yet another challenge that we are trying to meet as we serve our community. Take the time to remember that our greatest blessings happen when we let God make us a blessing for others.

Let the Holy Spirit lead you to be the blessing, for this is how we truly give thanks. May this be a time for us to remember that the spiritual blessing of loving others goes beyond any physical comfort that we have.

For those of you who are nowhere near Greenville, SC or Augusta Heights Church, find an organization in your community and ask what you can do to help–at Thanksgiving, or any other time!


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