Couldn’t Pass This One Up

Want another reason why people don’t go to church? Check out how this pastor reacted when an Applebee’s put the gratuity on his bill:

So, a preacher thinks that tithing is more important than tipping! Let’s take a look at that.

Yes, the media will blow this out of proportion and it will become a huge deal on the internet. Yes, he’s only one pastor, and only one Christian, and we would prefer to believe that he does not speak for us.

The pastor should have considered that before writing on the receipt and signing a name with the word “Pastor” beside it.

If I’m reading scripture right–and I think that I am–your 10% tithe is a starting point, not an ending point. You work your way up to giving that amount, and you strive to give beyond that  if at all possible. I’ve known some close friends and family members that were up to 18% giving at their church.

Yet, they still managed to leave a tip at a restaurant.

It’s not that you should make change in the offering plate in order to leave a larger tip. But I do know this:  A lot of wait staff don’t like working on Sundays. Why? Because the after-church crowd leave the worst tips!

We are far too quick to forget that giving is about much more than what we drop in the offering plate on Sunday morning. Maybe your tip won’t go to some Christian charity or food pantry or mission project. But it may help a single mom feed her child or a college student pay tuition.

Let’s remember that the smallest gift, offered when no one was looking, was the one that got Jesus’ attention (Luke 21:1-4). Your 18% may say a lot about who you are and what you believe, even if you don’t realize it.

It’s for sure that refusing to give that 18% makes a statement, one that you probably don’t want to make. Our giving to God goes well beyond the walls of the church, and how we give beyond those walls might make–or break–our witness for Christ.

Waiting or clearing tables is a difficult, thankless job where you have the chance to make some money; but you typically earn every penny. It means dealing with irate customers, demanding managers, and working your tail off if you hope to be any good at it.

Are we willing to sell the name of Jesus because we don’t want to give these workers 18%?

If anything, we might want to consider going a little higher than that, particularly if your waiter/server does an exceptional job. Maybe we should even consider adding an additional $5.22 to that tip one day. You might be surprised at what God does with it, even beyond the offering plate.

Update:  The pastor has offered an apology while giving her side of the story. But the server who posted the receipt is still fired:


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