I Can’t Believe I Have Time for This!

In a stunning turn of events over the last few weeks, I have managed to finish (for the most part) my doctoral dissertation. I am stunned that it is so near the end. I’m even more stunned that I actually have time to write a blog today.

And what a day it is for a blog!

Yesterday was one of the most enjoyable Sundays of my life. We left the house for church about 8:45 in the morning, and returned around 6:45 in the evening. A long day, to be sure…but well worth it.

And it wasn’t worth it because it was an extra special day for any reason. It was just special. We recognized our veterans (many of whom served in WWII), had great worship, and great fellowship. We all chipped in to make sure that we filled 102 shoeboxes for Samaritan’s Purse. Followed this up with some lunch with people from the church. This was extra special, because it’s the first time we got to sit down and really talk with them; and also got to eat with my br0/sister-in-law and my exceptionally adorable niece.

My wife then headed off to see some other people from church while I headed out to visit some of our homebound people. (Since I’ve been on the writing binge, haven’t had much time to do that).

Then we all piled into cars to head down to a member’s house. This family had bravely agreed to host a drop-in that was open to the entire church.

Glad we’re a pretty small church, because we descended on the place like locusts. And we ate the same way!

We took home a couple of people from church who have a little trouble getting around. Then we went home ourselves, and pretty much crashed.

So, what was so special about yesterday? It’s becoming the rule rather than the exception.

Three things happened yesterday that are starting to become the identity of Augusta Heights:

1. Great Fellowship & Friendship – The Heights is second to none in this category!

2. Great Worship – We just have a great time being together. Honoring our veterans, baby dedications, Lord’s Supper, or just an “ordinary” Sunday is always good. Our worship isn’t perfect (of course), but it is sincere and relaxed and something that we enjoy together.

3. Great response to a need – Churches all have reputations of one kind or another. We are working to build a reputation for responding to needs. Just put the word out on Facebook and Twitter, and people while fill shoeboxes or bring canned goods or feed the homeless or do whatever else they feel that the Holy Spirit is leading them to do.

And that’s who we want to be:  A church that responds more to the needs of others rather than always focusing on ourselves.

It was a great day on Sunday, not because it was extra special for any particular reason. It was a great day because we were just having a great time by doing what we do.

There is nothing more exciting than worshiping Christ, just by being who He made us to be.


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