What Can God Do with 522?

Without going into all the details, let me share why I’ve been posting the number 522 on Facebook and Twitter for the last month.

Contrary to what some people think, our church is not a “rich” church. The people of Augusta Heights give in commitment and in sacrifice to keep the ministries going.

It is also not a big church, so it takes a lot of money, and a lot MORE than money, to do ministry.

In spite of the sacrifices, Augusta Heights still needs to be financially solvent. We have money, but our giving needs to increase to cover the “day-to-day” operations so that the money we have can go to missions and ministry. That’s just being a good caretaker of what God has given us.

Now the question:  HOW do we do that?

We ran some numbers to figure out what it would take to get our offerings going in a positive direction. We came up with this challenge:  Bring in 20 more people, and challenge everyone in the church to give $5.22 per person, per Sunday OVER what they are currently giving.

One problem:  That’s limited faith. Just giving money doesn’t move us in the right direction.

So, what would happen if we added missions and ministry to our money? What could God do if everyone started giving 522 seconds a week MORE to God than what they are currently giving? For the record, that’s roughly 8 minutes, 45 seconds.

That may be the first 522 seconds that someone has committed to God, so it gets you “growing” in the right direction. If you start at ZERO and add $5.22 or 522 seconds, then you’re growing in Christ.

But God may require more of some people. What if you gave 5 minutes and 22 seconds a day to Christ?

What if you got together with your small group or Bible study and committed 522 hours to God each year? Divide that up between 10 people and that’s just two hours per week.

What can God do with your 522?

Perhaps you’re not a church member or maybe not even a Christian. Or maybe you are like all of us have been from time to time, struggling or even straying a bit from the “established” church.

If you don’t give $5.22 to a church, then take that amount and buy a meal for a homeless person. Spend $5.22 every week on tuna, and take it to a local food pantry.

Spend 522 seconds a week talking to an old friend, or writing a card/thank you note to someone. Find 5 people that you can help in two different ways, twice a week.

What makes this number so unique is that it meets us where we are. It challenges us to grow in Christ or just to be a better person by asking ourselves: What can I do? Where can I help? What am I willing to give to God and the needs of others?

Maybe you want to change up the number. Maybe over time you find out that you can do much more, and that God is requiring much more.

EXCELLENT! 522 is a starting point, not a destination. Find your passion for doing and start small, with a simple 522 project. And watch how big the Holy Spirit can grow it.

So let’s ask the question again:

What can God do with your 522?

(More to come…)


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