Positive Friday: Forget about Chikin!

Well, I was supposed to be writing about a certain mass-producing chicken establishment today (heretofore known as “The Eatery that Will Not Be Named”). But I think we’ve had enough of that for one week.

Everyone else has jumped on that topic in the blogosphere, so I will wait until Monday. Perhaps the weekend will allow us to reflect and gain some perspective.

(BTW, those “Eat Mor Chikin” cows are in trouble, because I don’t want to eat any kind of chicken anywhere for a while. All beef, baby!)

Besides, it’s Positive Friday. And there is no need to dwell on a negative topic on Positive Friday.

A friend at our church came up with the Positive Friday (PF for short) a while back. He’s actually selling PF stickers and t-shirts, with all the profits going to charity (www.runforlily.com). PF is more than just a fundraiser. It’s an attitude.

Another reader commented last week, “You’re always saying that we have to live our faith beyond the walls of the church. What can we do to live our Christianity in our community? How can we share it with our neighbors in a positive way?”

So here it is:  For Positive Friday, these are ways that you can live Christ and get others involved.

TUNA! Food pantries get lots of corn and green beans. They often run short on healthy proteins. Get some tuna cans every Friday, and take them to your local/church food pantry.

This week, the churches on Augusta Road are participating in Operation Inasmuch. We are competing this week to see who can collect the most tuna for Samaritan House, which is our combined community outreach. And yes, I fully expect Augusta Heights to collect the most! So bring your tuna…or, if you HAVE to, take it to Augusta Road, St. Michael’s Lutheran, or Trinity Methodist.

OTHER TYPES OF PROTEIN:  Food pantries are always low on healthy protein. So while you’re grabbing some tuna, pick up some pinto beans, black beans, peanut butter, canned chicken, or other high-protein non-perishable foods.

-LUNCH ON ME:  If you’re buying lunch somewhere, pay for the person’s lunch. Or go in and buy some gift cards/gift certificates and randomly hand them out to people. Yes, you will get some weird looks, but it’s an “attention-getter” for sure…and a positive one at that!

It’s amazing how much these “positive” acts will impact people. We are so unfamiliar with positive kindness that people actually think you are strange when you do something nice for them. They assume that there is a catch, or there must be something you want in return.

I would suggest that you do these things without handing out a Bible tract or an invitation to church as the first thing. Just do it to be positive. Just do it because it’s the right thing to do.

You might be surprised at how much witnessing you do without ever saying a word.


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