Should I Stay or Should I Go?

For those of you that have not noticed, I have a pretty bad cynical/skeptical streak.  The hair on my neck stands up when “Everybody’s doing it” or “It’s the newest thing.” 


This streak probably explains my hesitation about “King-makers” and “Queen-makers,” particularly in the blogosphere.  Here’s how it works:  If you get mentioned in a positive way by certain bloggers, your work suddenly becomes the hottest item on the web. 


Or, if you get mentioned in a negative way, you find yourself at the center of a comment/blog/twitter war.  For an example of this, check out the work of Rachel Held Evans in relation to Mark Driscoll:  If you want to see all the gory details, just Google Rachel Held Evans Mark Driscoll.


There are pages upon pages of material and commentary.


I agree with many of Rachel’s blogs and comments.  But she is one of the king/queen-makers.  If you get into her good graces, you are elevated to star status in the blogosphere.


In spite of my skepticism, I read with great interest her blog on 15 reasons why she left the church:  She asks two questions at the end of the blog and leaves them open for comment.


Why did you leave the church?  Or why did you stay?  The second question is the one that I want to address.  It probably won’t get me “crowned” by Rachel Held Evans, but hopefully it will mean something to you.


10 Reasons Why I Stayed:


-I believe that there are many open-minded Christians who stay silent because they fear being “shouted down” by more vocal believers.


-I believe that there are congregations who value mercy over judgment.


-I believe there is still more good than bad in most churches.


-I never expected the church to be perfect in the first place (human beings have a bad habit of messing up that expectation).


-I believe that many believers in the Body of Christ are striving to be better.


-As tempting as it is, we usually make a mistake when we abandon something because we disagree with people.


-I believe in the power of Christ to change things (and people) for the better.


-I have found a church that values loving relationships above all else; and I believe that all churches can develop a similar ethic.


-I do not believe that all churches are the same.


-I believe that I have been called to continue striving to help the Body of Christ get better.


Why did YOU choose to stay? 


Or would you be willing to come back? 


One thought on “Should I Stay or Should I Go?

  1. I stay because I believe that Christ wants us to fellowship with other Christians and we have a wonderful body of loving Christians who come together and enjoy worshiping together.

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