How Many Second Chances? Part 2

In my last post, I shared some thoughts about the idea that Legarrette Blount, the suspended running back from Oregon, needs some level of forgiveness for his actions.

I believe that everyone needs forgiveness and deserves a second chance, because I believe that’s the example that Christ would want us to set.  Often, stud athletes and the “privileged” people of the world seem to get more of these than the rest of us.

So, what about the rest of us?

All of us need to be forgiven.  Most of the time, we know deep down that we need to be forgiven, whether we want to admit it or not.  But do we also know that we need to FORGIVE as well?

In listening to Christian leaders, commentators, preachers, etc., there is a disturbing lack of forgiveness in their discussion.  In fact, it seems that the language of forgiveness and the “Attitude of Gratitude” has disappeared from the landscape.

There is a failure to realize that forgiveness, and the OFFERING of forgiveness to others, is as much about US as it is about the person/people we are trying to forgive. It is sometimes a problem, and often a process, but it is essential to everyone who hopes to move forward in their lives.  Especially Christians.

Christians need to rediscover the command of Christ in Matthew 18 to not only forgive seven times, but 77 times.  We need to recall that a certain Jewish carpenter offered us forgiveness when we did not deserve it; so who are we to deny that same forgiveness to others?

We claim to be a people of love, compassion, renewal…and, second chances.  Perhaps it is time that we act like we really believe in those things.  The world has plenty of people to offer judgment.  Perhaps it’s time that followers of Christ go back to offering something different.


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