How Many Second Chances? Part 1

Early in September, I witnessed a frightening event at the end of a Boise State-Oregon football game.

So what was I doing watching Boise State-Oregon?  It’s football.  Early in the season, I’ll watch just about any game I can find.

After the game, Oregon running back Legarrette Blount punched a Boise player, attacked fans in the stands, and actually brawled with his own teammate who was trying to restrain him.

Needless to say, he was suspended for the season by Oregon coach Chip Kelly and athletic director Mike Belloti.

Now, Belloti and Kelly say that they might reconsider and reinstate Blount–conditionally–for the remainder of the season.  In short, if he behaves himself and accepts some stipulations, he can play football again.

I am surprised at the backlash of reaction to this that I have heard from the sports blogosphere, fans and media.  I am absolutely shocked at the reaction that I have heard from some Christians.

A Christian friend (and deacon at his church) actually said to me, “What he did is unforgivable. He should NEVER be allowed to play again!”

I thank God every day that Christ never took that attitude towards me.  Or anyone else.

I also thank God that Christians do not continue to hold things I did in college against me.  And I wonder:  How could anyone who claims the name of Christ also claim that Oregon just toss aside Legarrette Blount?

Contrary to general consensus, I’m a fairly intelligent guy.  I am aware that Oregon’s football office has motives beyond goodwill and concern for Blount’s future.  The Ducks have a pretty good shot to win the PAC-10 if they can get past Darth Carroll and the Evil Galactic Empire from Southern California.

In the end, does that motive really matter?  If the athletic department can get this young man some counseling and discipline and put him on a better path for the future, then I am not interested in scrutinizing their motives.

I believe that were absolutely inexcusable; and at the LEAST, he needs some serious anger management.  He needs to understand that such actions come with serious consequences.  The football program, athletic department, and I also believe that the athletic department can be proactive in helping him rebuild his life.  So why would any Christian be opposed to that?

May we all be so lucky to find someone that will give us multiple second chances even for the most horrible crimes.

Oh, wait, we already have that.  I think the guy’s initials are “JC,” or something like that.


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