Whereas an Educated Pastor Is not a “Dangerous” Thing

It has become the new fad in various Christian circles to declare that seminary/divinity school is a waste of time. I even follow a guy on Twitter who runs a podcast and blog called Seminary Dropout (@beardonbike). It’s definitively not an anti-seminary website, but it’s also no accident that it’s a catchy title and hash tag … Continue reading

What I Learned on My Summer Vacation

Ah, yes, one of the great joys of summer is the time-honored tradition of the family vacation. It’s tolerable-to-good when it’s your immediate family, but adding the extended family creates an entirely new element. Imagine our hesitation when we found out that this year’s family vacation would include a family that is only our family … Continue reading

Why Thursday Matters

Yesterday was the Thursday before Easter, and most of the Christian world has some idea what that means. It’s known as Maundy Thursday, from a word originally designating the washing of the feet of the poor on this day, in the spirit of Jesus’ washing the feet of His disciples in John’s Gospel. Christians know it … Continue reading

Requiem for Fred Phelps Sr.

Fred Phelps is dead. Yes, the man who promoted the idea that “God Hates Fags” and made a ritual out of picketing funerals to spread that message has now passed into the great beyond.   This Bob Jones graduate, who turned against his alma mater because it had become “too liberal”, was eventually consumed by … Continue reading

Whereas Christians Need to Stop Watching the Oscars

Yes, yes, we have just finished up a “wonderful” season as we begin the spring. We call it Oscar Season. People glued themselves to the television to fawn over a group of talented, yet completely self-absorbed, people during their night of self-congratulatory splendor. Then, more people spent the following week either loving or criticizing what … Continue reading